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PostSubject: Inuyasha   Inuyasha Icon_minitimeThu May 31, 2007 1:05 pm

Kagome is a normal high school girl who falls into a well, transporting her back in time to the feudal era. Upon her arrival to this world, she mercifully unleashes Inuyasha, a half demon. As if this isn't enough, she also discovers that she is the bearer of the Shikon no Tama, a jewel of great spiritual power, a jewel which has just shattered into a million shards. Now, along with Miroku the priest, Sango the demon hunter, and Shippou the mischievious fox-demon, they must set out to find the Shikon shards and defeat the evils of the demon Naraku.

Total Episodes: 167
Year Published: 2000
Studio: Sunrise

Animation: Sakuma Shinichi, Soeta Kazuhiro, Suganuma Eiji
Author: Takahashi Rumiko
Design: Suganuma Eiji
Director: Ikeda Masashi, Nishimori Akira
Music: Wada Kaoru
Script: Endo Akinori, Ikeda Masashi, Sumizawa Katsuyuki, Yamada Takashi

Inuyasha Inuyasha1kj7 Inuyasha Inuyasha2yu2
Inuyasha Inuyasha4jw8 Inuyasha Inuyasha3xw5
Inuyasha Inuyasha5cs1 Inuyasha Inuyasha6by7

Inuyasha Kaminari-1
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PostSubject: ;I   Inuyasha Icon_minitimeThu May 31, 2007 1:12 pm

WOW -cool Inuyasha 472838

Inuyasha Sarena10
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